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All Guilds Meeting – May 2015

A short and sweet All Guilds Meeting run by guest moderator Christian Walther while Doobes was on the move! Besides the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs, here’s a summary of what was presented:

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant announced the next Heritage Night event on Saturday May 9th at 13:00 KI time in the Heritage Night hood. He will be talking about what makes the Myst series so great in his view and invite the audience to share their own views about it. He also mentioned he is planning a retelling of the Hood of Illusions opening event that will take place in July or August and will be filmed, as well as the continuation of his Myst: The Comedy Adventure forum text adventure this summer.

Friday Night Dance

Patricio was unpreparedly prompted to the stage to talk about the Friday Night Dance Party he has been holding every other week at 16:00 KI time. The party is usually in Kirel, but the last one was held on the Tokotah Rooftop, and Patricio would like to continue to occasionally do it in special places like this. He welcomes suggestions from the attendants. Also, next week, he will be helping Max present a music trivia night at 14:00 KI time in an as yet undecided location.

Puzzle Competition

Christian closed by mentioning the puzzle competition run by numinous aka Terokh Jeruth on the Cyan forum. Every week for the past five and the next five weeks, a puzzle is posted that tests your problem solving skills and your familiarity with all things Myst and D’ni, and there is an impressive array of prizes made by various artists in the community to be won.


No final figure for April was available yet, at the middle of the month the donation meter was standing at 2.3. Keep those donations coming in!

The next AGM will take place on June 6th at 13:00 KI time in Kirel, with Doobes back in charge.

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